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Jobs @ NIH - Discover a Career at NIH: It's About Life

Top Jobs at NIH

While the mission of NIH focuses on biomedical research, we require many different types of personnel to support that mission. Whether you are interested in administration, budget, physical plant, information technology or many other areas, NIH needs you!

Top 20 Jobs At NIH

NIH has openings most frequently in the following twenty job series.

  1. Administrative Assistant (Series 0341)
  2. Biologist (Series 0401)
  3. Budget Analyst (Series 0560)
  4. Contract Specialist (Series 1102)
  5. Financial Management Analyst (Series 0501)
  6. Grants Management Specialist (Series 1109)
  7. Health Specialist (Series 0601)
  8. Human Resources Specialist (Series 0201)
  9. Information Technology Specialist (Series 2210)
  10. Maintenance Worker (Series 4749)
  11. Medical Officer (Series 0602)
  12. Nurse (Series 0610)
  13. Program Analyst (Series 0343)
  14. Program Specialist (Series 0301)
  15. Program Support Clerk (Series 0303)
  16. Public Affairs Specialist (Series 1035)
  17. Purchasing Agent (Series 1105)
  18. Public Health Analyst (Series 0685)
  19. Secretary (Series 0318)
  20. Technical Information Specialist (Series 1412)

Top 5 NIH Jobs For Veterans

Current veterans employed at NIH are most often found in these five job series.

  1. Maintenance Mechanic (Series 4749)
  2. Program Support Assistant (Series 0303)
  3. Program Specialist/Staff Assistant (Series 0301)
  4. Management Analyst/Program Analyst (Series 0343)
  5. Information Technology Specialist (Series 2210)

More Information

To learn more about these jobs, you can:

  • Visit the Military to Federal Jobs Crosswalk External Web Site Policy.
  • Visit O*net External Web Site Policy (Occupational Information Network).
    • Search for a job title in the Occupation Handbook External Web Site Policy (lower left hand corner).
    • The Occupation Handbook provides a variety of information about each job title, such as skills and abilities needed for the job, typical work activities, and the national average wages for the job title.

This page last reviewed on February 26, 2018

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