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Top Ten Reasons to Work for NIH

Top Ten Reasons to work for NIH

# 10 - Location, Location, Location

  • Located just outside our Nation's Capital in Bethesda, MD with satellite offices in Rockville, Baltimore, and Frederick. A few other locations nationwide including North Carolina, Montana, and Arizona.
  • Public transportation available on our campus - Access to Metro at Medical Center and bus routes from all major public transport systems
  • Close to restaurants and shopping areas including downtown Bethesda and Rockville
  • Watch our employee's profile about our location

# 9 - There's a job for every interest

  • Just to name a few opportunities: Biology, Law Enforcement, Scientists, Graphic Arts, Information Technology, Nursing, Carpentry, Firefighter, Human Resources, Administrative Officer, Clerical support
  • Watch our employee's profile about the diversity of careers

# 8 - Flexible Work Schedules

  • Full & Part-time schedules
  • Permanent shifts and days off
  • Teleworking available in some Institutes/Centers and occupations
  • Watch our employee's profile about our flexibilities

# 7 - Great work environment

  • On site fitness center and Recreation & Welfare Association
  • Cultural Events
  • Free parking
  • Opportunities to earn awards, both honor and monetary
  • On-site child care facilities

Science Building# 6 - Insight into the latest health issues

  • Scientific lectures
  • Information about clinical trials
  • Up to date health news
  • Latest in policy and regulations

# 5 - Exceptional Benefits Packages

  • 10 paid holidays, annual (vacation) and sick leave
  • Generous TSP (401K style investment plan)
  • Health, Life insurance and flexible spending accounts
  • Great pay
  • Retirement
  • Transit subsidies

# 4 - Sense of Achievement

  • Playing an important role improving the health of a nation
  • Helping to lead the way toward important medical discoveries
  • The work that you do has an impact on the life of every American
  • Watch our employee's profile about their sense of achievement

# 3 - Career Enhancement Opportunities

  • Excellent training and development opportunities
  • No cost "in-house" training
  • The NIH is training the current and next generation of resources
  • Watch our employee's profile about their sense of achievement

# 2 - Challenging Work

  • Stimulating work environment
  • Forefront of new progress in medical research
  • Watch our employee's profile about the challenging environment

# 1 - The NIH Mission

  • Primary Federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research
  • Steward of medical and behavioral research for the Nation
  • Extending healthy lives
  • Reducing burdens of illness and disabilities
  • Watch our employee's profile about the mission
This page last reviewed on February 26, 2018

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