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Health Scientist Administrator

Position Series/number: General Health Science Series, 0601
Grade Scale: GS-7, 9, 11 - 15, SES, Title 42, SBRS and Commissioned Corps

Job Description

Health Scientist Administrators at the NIH are responsible for the initial administrative, scientific and technical review of NIH research grant applications pertaining to the scientific and technical fields. The duties and responsibilities of the Health Scientist Administrator include, but are not limited to; organizing and managing peer-review groups to evaluate research proposals on the basis of their scientific merit; managing extramural research and research training programs, and identifying research areas warranting either increased or decreased funding emphasis; developing requests for applications (RFAs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) designed to elicit research grant and contract proposals from the scientific community; providing technical assistance to applicants and grantees; serving as project officer on research contracts and program administrator/director on research grants; conducting site visits to applicant and grantee institutions to determine the adequacy of research and training facilities; and serving as spokesperson for agency programs in dealing with the scientific community, the Congress, and other Federal agencies.

Minimum Requirements

NIH minimum requirements for Health Scientist Administrator

How to Apply

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This page last reviewed on February 26, 2018

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