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Global Recruitment: Recruiting for all of NIH!

The Global Recruitment Unit (GRU) serves the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) 27 Institutes and Centers (ICs) with global recruitments for positions such as; Medical Officers, Purchasing Agents, Health Scientist Administrators and Pathways (Student Trainees). Applying to one of the global recruitments below could provide an avenue for consideration across many of the participating ICs at NIH. Any participating IC has the ability to review eligible candidates for their vacancies and set up interviews. Your application may be reviewed by participating hiring officials throughout all of NIH.

Please review the upcoming announcements below to see if you’d like to join our NIH team!

We have several Health Scientist Administrator positions we are looking to fill. All Health Scientist Administrator positions are open to both the Public External Web Site and Federal Employees External Web Site.

Announcements open 9/17 and will close 9/26.

Health Scientist Administrator (Scientific Review Officer)

A Scientific Review Officer (SRO) is responsible for the initial administrative and scientific merit review of grant applications for research programs and/or research training and career development grants through interaction with established scientists in a variety of fields.  You will assure the fairness and consistency of the scientific peer review process and provide guidance on peer review policies and procedures to applicants, reviewers, and Institute staff.

Health Scientist Administrator (Program Officer):

A Program Officer (PO) is responsible for stimulating, planning, directing, and evaluating activities for a portfolio of research projects, research program and other grant/awards, cooperative agreements, and/or contracts in the assigned program area and the discovery, development and evaluation of associated prevention and therapeutic strategies.

GS-12/13/14 HSA (Program Officer) and HSA (Scientific Review Officer)

  • Open to the Public External Web Site. If you’re a U.S. Citizen or National, you can apply to jobs that are open to the public.
  • Open to Federal Employees External Web Site. If you are a current or former federal employee you may qualify to apply for a position under merit promotion consideration.

GS-15 HSA (Program Officer)

  • Open to the Public External Web Site. If you’re a U.S. Citizen or National, you can apply to jobs that are open to the public.
  • Open to Federal Employees External Web Site. If you are a current or former federal employee you may qualify to apply for a position under merit promotion consideration. This is a supervisory position.

Supervisory GS-15 HSA (Program Officer) and HSA (Scientific Review Officer)

  • Open to the Public External Web Site. If you’re a U.S. Citizen or National, you can apply to jobs that are open to the public.
  • Open to Federal Employees External Web Site. If you are a current or former federal employee you may qualify to apply for a position under merit promotion consideration.

For more information on Federal Pay and Leave, please visit the following links on OPM’s GS page here External Web Site or here External Web Site.


Human Resources Assistant: Primary duties for a Human Resources Assistant include, but are not limited to: coding and processing personnel actions; participating in the on-boarding of new employees; providing a variety of general information regarding recruitment programs and human resources processes and procedures; using automated human resources systems to perform technical and administrative support functions; assisting Human Resource Specialists with various staffing and recruitment duties.

Human Resources Specialist: Primary duties for a Human Resources Specialist include, but are not limited to: performing recruitment and placement duties for a variety of positions, including 'hard-to-fill' positions and senior level positions; utilizing automated staffing systems to generate vacancy announcements, crediting plans, job analyses, assessments, certificates of eligibles, and to track and monitor workflow, workload, and metrics; performing position classification and position management duties; advising managers, supervisors, and employees on a full range of recruitment, staffing, classification and position management issues; researching, interpreting, and applying human resources management procedures, practices, policies, and guidelines; analyzing data and metrics on recruitment and staffing activities.

Program Specialist: Primary duties for a Program Specialist include, but are not limited to: participate in the development and implementation of comprehensive plans and strategies for projects, actions, and activities; analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of programs or operations to identify issues and make recommendations for improvement; provide organizational support for planning, analyzing, coordinating, and evaluating the development of priorities, resource allocations, work force management, and/or performance objectives; provide technical support to program staff during the development of projects or programs.

Program Support Assistant: Primary duties for a Program Support Assistant include, but are not limited to: serve as meeting planner which would include conferences, committees, and symposiums for various scientific event; obtain and monitor the use of services, supplies, or equipment for the office; prepare, compose, or review correspondence prepared for the purpose of obtaining or supplying information; providing direct administrative, procedural, and informational resource assistance and support by organizing, collecting, analyzing, and presenting information related to the current and future program/project workload.

Administrative Technician: Primary duties for an Administrative Technician include, but are not limited to: ensures maintenance of records meet policies, procedures and distributes minutes of the meetings; develops and maintains filing systems; responsible for the use of the government purchase card or preparing purchase requests of goods and services; maintain records of all purchases distributed items purchased; plans and monitors in collaboration with the supervisor the requirements for yearly and special procurement; serves as travel system representative by arranging travel for office staff; performs office service processes and requirements such as document preparation, printing, copying, faxing mail, telephone and other communications services; assists with a variety of human resource related duties.

Administrative Officer:  Primary duties for an Administrative Officer include, but are not limited to: provide advice to managers on the full range of administrative duties including contracting, acquisition, space management, budget, property, and human resources; direct a team of purchasing agents by reviewing and approving purchase card transactions, purchase orders, and requisitions; serve as an adviser to managers on acquisitions, contracts, and other administrative functions; develop specifications for use in solicitation for services and other contracting documents; establish and oversee procedures for the receipt, review and follow-up on requisitions for purchases from multiple funding sources; develop and establish reports related to fiscal impact; analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of administrative programs or operations in meeting established goals and objectives.

Management/Program Analyst:  Primary duties for a Management/Program Analyst include, but are not limited to: employ advanced qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze, evaluate, and/or improve the efficiency of internal administrative operations, organizations, or management; develop, coordinate, and implement performance measures to evaluate organizational productivity for a major organizational segment of an agency; advise management of unique conditions and issues which affect administrative functions and provide guidance on interpretation and implementation of new and revised legislation, policies, regulations and procedures; analyze and evaluate effectiveness of complex administrative operations in meeting goals and objectives; research complex ongoing and projected programmatic activities.

Budget Analyst: Primary duties for a Budget Analyst include, but are not limited to: assisting in budget formulation, execution and presentation; preparing background material for use in briefings to be used for NIH presentations to Congressional appropriations committees or other oversight groups and in the strategic planning of defending a budget; assisting in the formulating and developing future budgetary requirements using historical data, trend analysis and relevant funding patterns of the IC; projecting numbers and dollars required for the mechanisms of support including developing and analyzing all tabular materials for various budget submissions; assisting in the preparation of budgetary policy and procedural guidance for program offices. 
Technical Writer/Editor: Primary duties for a Technical Writer/Editor include, but are not limited to: providing a full range of editorial support for monthly and weekly health newsletters; writing and editing health and science information products for a variety of audiences; conceptualizing and developing materials such as reports, testimonies, and proposed legislation to Congress and other audiences; writing plain language summaries of scientific research studies.

Contracts Specialist: Primary duties for a Contract Specialist include, but are not limited to: perform specialized contract award and administration work; research, interpret, and apply the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures governing NIH acquisitions; plan, manage, and participate in various aspects of contracting; evaluate bid responsiveness, contractor responsibility, and performance; conduct negotiations for assigned program areas.

Purchasing Agent: Primary duties for a Purchasing Agent include, but are not limited to: perform price analysis utilizing previous price history, commercial price lists, market process or technical catalogs; contact vendors to advise them of ordering requirements and technical specifications and to discuss price quotations and other matters related to the purchase; prepare and evaluate vendor list and unit prices to secure a fair and reasonable price for volume bulk orders and determine prices that appear excessive or underestimated; consult with staff to gain understanding of the purchase and make final purchase decisions; contact company representatives to discuss price quotations, technical specifications, and other matters related to the purchase; work with requestor to develop justifications for use of large business or sole source orders; Independently select and apply appropriate mechanisms for securing necessary services, supplies, furniture or equipment considering need, urgency, availability, cost and other factors.

Grants Management Specialist: Primary duties for a Grants Management Specialist include, but are not limited to: manage and coordinate a complex grant portfolio; develop innovative grant arrangements to resolve critical and unprecedented program needs; participate in project and administrative site and staff visits to evaluate the appropriateness of budgetary requests; advise applicants and grantees on financial and management issues relevant to their applications; provide assistance in the administration of the portfolio including setting appropriate work priorities; develop policy initiatives in response to critical problems or as needed by changing circumstances; provide expert and authoritative advice, interpretation, and guidance on statutes, regulations, policies, and procedures as they relate to the award program.

IT Specialist: Primary duties for an IT Specialist include, but are not limited to: respond to customer support requests involving integration or configuration related issues, and support systems involving a wide variety of different platforms, operating systems, applications, and desktop configurations; develop, configure, install, and maintain a local area network (LAN); provide essential support by evaluating the effectiveness of current network systems and by performing tasks such as diagnosing and resolving operating problems; maintain configuration management applications; coordinate testing and implementation of system changes; coordinate and participate in cross-functional teams responsible for delivering defined project outputs on time, within budget and with quality results; participate in negotiations on the performance of activities within the team members and their matrix environment; analyze risk, establish contingency plans and identify trigger events and responsibility for initiating mitigation activities; identify and recommend performance improvement initiatives.

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