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Our Stories - Tim Esch

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Post Baccalaureate Fellow, National Cancer Institute, NIH

What is your role at NIH?

I am a Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) Post-Baccalaureate Fellow. I currently work at the National Cancer Institute, Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics Center for Cancer Research.

What inspired you to want work at NIH?

The idea of working in an environment with top notch scientists and continue to academically challenge myself in preparation for graduate school inspired me to pursue the opportunity at NIH. I am considering different career paths and having the opportunity to work in a lab utilizing cutting edge technology will be critical in my future endeavors.

Was it difficult transitioning into NIH?

In my experience, I did not have any difficulty transitioning to the NIH. The lab that I work in has an interpreter available on-site every day. There are several members of the lab who are deaf and hard of hearing, so having access to an interpreter is a great benefit. Additionally, adaptive technology, if needed, can be requested. What I have found working at the NIH is a working environment that is extremely friendly, professional, and accessible. For me, the NIH is a great place to make new friends and network for future endeavors.

This page last reviewed on September 14, 2016

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